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1. How much does it cost to park my vehicle at the airport?
2. I use a motorized wheelchair, can I take this on the plane with me?
3. My luggage was not at my destination. Who do I call?
4. Who do I call to ship an Animal/Pet?
5. Is there a restaurant located at the airport?
6. Where can I find out more about the airport?
7. Does Joplin Regional Airport have Wireless Internet?
8. I have some foreign currency I would like to exchange for U.S. dollars. Can I do this at the airport?
9. Is there an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) located at the airport?
10. Can I park along the curb and/or in the driveway in front of the terminal building?
11. I am traveling with children, do my children need to have a photo ID or their birth certificate to travel?
12. Does the airport have a Lost and Found Department?