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Oversized Load Application

  1. Form must be submitted 48 hours in advance of travel to get approval.

    Be advised that any damages to City infrastructure will be billed to trucking company on this application.

  2. Is a police escort required by the Joplin Police Department?*
  3. Truck Information
  4. Trailer Information
  5. Additional Trailer Information
  6. Additional Trailer Information
  7. Pilot Car:
  8. Trail Car:
  9. Overall Dimensions:
  10. Load Dimensions:
  11. Maximum axle weights: 22,000lbs. on single; 44,800lbs on tandem; 67,200lbs. on triple; 89,600lbs. on quad.
    Total not to exceed the gross vehicle weight on the permit.
  12. Leave This Blank: