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Police Department

  1. Citizen Survey
  2. Contact Us Form
  3. Fill out a Business Information Card

    If you are a business owner in Joplin, please fill out this form so officers have information on who to contact in the event of an... More…

  4. Report a Crime
  5. Request for Release of Property

    Due to the large volume of requests, a minimum of 15 days is required to process requests for evidence returns. However, found... More…

  6. Submit a Tip
  1. Compliment an Officer

    Send an email complimenting an officer

  2. File a complaint against an Employee
  3. House and Business Check Form

    If you own a house or building within the city limits of Joplin and you plan to be away for one week or longer, Joplin Police... More…

  4. Report a Traffic Complaint
  5. Storm Shelter Location

    Storm shelter location form for CAD flagging