How will the Hall be used after it is renovated?

Memorial Hall is a multipurpose facility and has served this community in numerous ways. This would continue and highlight these 4 Pillars of Focus:   


  • Honor our heroes 
  • Veterans Memorials & Displays (honor, educate, inspire)
  • American Legion Meeting Room
  • Preserve Memorial Hall’s purpose

 Meeting and Event Space

  • Entertainment opportunities (plays, musicals, concerts, productions)
  • Event & gathering space  (clubs, civic groups, hobbyists, businesses, families)
  • Flexible Meeting Venue (trade shows, dances, weddings, receptions, banquets)
  • Catering Kitchen

Indoor Recreation 

  • Youth & Adult Sports  (basketball, wrestling, volleyball, table tennis)
  • Health & Fitness programs (dance, cheer, tumbling, yoga, pi-yo, Zumba)
  • Sporting Events 
  • Community Enrichment Classes (dance, arts, cooking, & more!)

 Community Venue

  • Serves community needs (emergency shelter, first aid center, public meetings)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Family Options
  • Preserve Historical Landmark (National Register of Historical Places)
  • Downtown Anchor

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9. How will the Hall be used after it is renovated?
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