Why does Memorial Hall need to be renovated?
  • A 2020-21 feasibility study of MH showed good bones of the building structure, support 
  • Community surveyed; indicated strong support to refurbish the existing building to fulfill unmet needs in the area
  • Centrally located community/civic center with multiple uses and options for sponsored and public meetings, conferences, and events
  • Historical preservation of original intent of a Veterans Memorial, while improving visibility and recognition of our war heroes with proposed “Veterans Way” plaza
  • Indoor programming availability for Parks and Recreation and other groups with multiple uses and flexibility of floor space  
  • Entertainment events, shows, and performances for the community with numerous seating options and available space (up to 1,700 guests)

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1. Memorial Hall Renovation – What does this involve?
2. Why do we need an addition (Annex) when we have Memorial Hall to use?
3. Why does Memorial Hall need to be renovated?
4. Why is this important to the community?
5. How does the Bond Issue question appear on the April 5 ballot?
6. How will this be paid for?
7. How much will this cost me or my household?
8. How long will we have to pay this? (When would assessment end?)
9. How will the Hall be used after it is renovated?
10. I used to go to some great concerts at Memorial Hall. Will they have those again?