Why does Joplin need a Use Tax?

It provides an important source of local funding and would allow for the physical infrastructure and public service personnel needs that are required to do the work identified by the community during the City Manager’s Listening Tour and Council Visioning Workshop that aim to address challenges identified in the community. The use tax would also level the playing field for local businesses. Otherwise, these local businesses are at an unfair competitive disadvantage to out-of-state businesses when local taxes are avoided. 

With no local use tax in place, residents have an incentive to make out-of-state purchases instead of buying locally. This impacts local jobs and sends more than a million dollars out of our economy each year, affecting economic development, which has been identified as a community need by resident responses through the Listening Tour. While the exact amount of this resource is unknown, it is estimated this revenue source will generate between $3 and $4 million annually in Joplin.

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1. What is the Use Tax listed as “City of Joplin Proposition Action” on the November 2, 2021 ballot?
2. Will the Use Tax apply if I buy something from a Missouri retailer?
3. Will the Use Tax apply to every purchase made from out-of-state vendors?
4. Why does Joplin need a Use Tax?
5. Will the Use Tax have other local benefits?
6. Doesn’t Amazon already collect this use tax?
7. What is the rate of the Use Tax?
8. I don’t buy anything online. How will it affect me?
9. When are the polls open?
10. I already pay Sales Tax on purchases, is this the same thing?
11. How much will the City of Joplin receive from a local Use Tax?
12. How would the Use Tax revenues be spent in the City’s Budget?
13. How will the Use Tax revenues be used?
14. What happens if the Proposition Action fails?
15. When do I vote on this issue?
16. How does the ballot question read?
17. How do I vote Absentee for the November 2, 2021 election?