What projects were completed with the revenues from the 2011 Parks and Stormwater sales tax?

Funds from the 2011 renewal provided funding to revitalize Schifferdecker Pool to an aquatic center that provides pool activities for all ages and skill levels. Several of Joplin Parks also received upgrades and improvements including the Landreth Park playground that now offers more accessible features along with shade partitions and the Skate Park at Ewert Park. 

In addition, City roadways are much more manageable during large rainfall incidents because of the stormwater projects completed with these revenues. The largest stormwater project focused on open and closed channels in the area of 7th Street and Illinois Avenue where Joplin Creek flows flowing under 7th Street and continuing through Ewert Park. Stormwater capacity for Joplin Creek and Iowa Branch was expanded to prevent future flooding in the area. This included inlets, sidewalks, and new larger pipes for better management.

Other stormwater management projects were completed near Turkey Creek at Florida Avenue and Newman Road, along with work to alleviate issues in several neighboring areas, including B Street & Porter Avenue and 31st and Pennsylvania Avenue. Both neighborhoods had limited drainage capacity which created an unsafe situation for drivers going through ponding water in the streets. 

In total, the City of Joplin will complete $33.6 million worth of projects from the 2011 sales tax.

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4. What projects were completed with the revenues from the 2011 Parks and Stormwater sales tax?
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