What projects would be completed if the renewal of the sales tax passes?

Park and Recreation projects funded through the proposed sales tax include a new splash park with an ice ribbon, trails, park beautification improvements, and amenities to many of the parks along with a biking recreation area located near Dover Hill. A listing with a map of the Parks projects is also available. 

Stormwater projects were identified through the Master Plan and by citizens sharing their areas of concern. A listing with a map of the Stormwater projects shows areas to be addressed with this proposed funding.

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1. Is this a new tax?
2. If passed, will this ballot issue increase the sales tax for Joplin?
3. What projects would be completed if the renewal of the sales tax passes?
4. What projects were completed with the revenues from the 2011 Parks and Stormwater sales tax?
5. Why are we voting on it now?
6. Why do we need a renewal if the City has had funding in past years to make improvements to Parks and Stormwater?
7. What is the current sales tax rate in Joplin?
8. How are the sales taxes spent by the City?
9. How much of the sales tax does the City of Joplin receive?
10. How much money will be raised if this issue passes?
11. Doesn’t the City have enough dollars to complete these projects without using a Parks and Stormwater tax?
12. If voters approve this, how long will this renewal last?
13. How did the City determine which projects to fund with this sales tax?
14. How will the public know these funds are being spent on the stated projects?
15. What is the Ballot Language for this sales tax renewal?