How do I report a crime?
You can report a crime through the police department's website, our telephone reporting officer, or the front desk. On the website, click on Contact JPD - Report a Crime. This will take you to our online reporting system where you can leave a contact name and number or remain anonymous. If you leave a name and number, a police officer will contact you for follow-up. The online report form does not serve as an official police report. An actual report can be filed when the officer contacts you if that is what needs to be done. Do not use the online report form for crimes in progress. If you would rather contact our telephone reporting officer to make a report over the phone, call 623-3131. To report a crime in person, come to the front desk of the police department where an officer will be dispatched to you. Take note that this will require some wait time on your part, depending on how soon an officer can get to you.Report a Crime

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