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Citizen Newsletter - Summer 2023 Citizen Newsletter - Summer 2023
Quarterly newsletter featuring upcoming projects funded through ARPA, including Community Revitalization focusing on housing and neighborhood improvement; Dover Outdoor Recreation Center; and Public Safety services. Learn more about the what3words app, automated floodgates in north Joplin, walking trails in our parks, and available summer activities.
Citizen Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2023 March-April 2023 Citizen Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2023 March-April 2023
Quarterly citizen newsletter featuring Joplin's Sesquicentennial events, information to register your business and/or storm shelter for public safety purposes, a reminder about SeeClickFix, an app to help improve our community, and an overview of Parks and Recreation activities. Joplin's new Park Rangers are also introduced along with an overview of the City's work to receive ARPA funding to help with infrastructure, housing, public safety, transportation and economic development.
Citizen Newsletter - Fall 2022 Citizen Newsletter - Fall 2022
Quarterly citizen newsletter featuring a new app, Choose Joplin, to help users learn more about entertainment, dining and shopping options. Also highlights holiday activities, economic development and new offerings at the Joplin Public Library, along with Health Dept. services.
Citizen Newsletter - Spring 2022 Citizen Newsletter - Spring 2022
Quarterly citizen newsletter featuring Council member election results along with helpful tips on when to get a building permit. Learn more about upcoming Parks & Recreation activities and library happenings along with plans for July 4th Independence Day Celebration.
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