Operations Division

The Operations Division provides a wide variety of essential public services that are vital to our community and essential in our citizens’ everyday lives.  Some of these services included, but are not limited to: public safety, maintaining and sustaining city streets, alleys and right-of-ways (ROWS), maintaining signage & signals, conducting small construction projects, bridge maintenance, sanitary sewers, public buildings, Airport operations, public transportation, managing special events in the City and solid waste management.  The Operations Divisions are among the first responders during emergencies and disasters and the last to depart the scene in order to restore essential services and ensure the stability of the infrastructure.   It is vital for Public Works Operations to preserve services that directly affect the health, safety, and comfort of this community for this, and future, generations.

The Public Works Operations has 3 Divisions:
Infrastructure                                                                                                                                  Sewer Maintenance                                                                                                                       Street Maintenance
Public Transportation & MAPS
Wastewater Treatment


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Chad Weller
Interim Assistant Director of        Public Works Operations
602 S. Main St. Joplin, Mo. 64801
Ph: (417) 624-0820 Ext. 1560
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The Public Works Operations operates on a set of Ethos & Values:

Pride in our workmanship:  Provide quality work that reflects the pride of the community and its citizens.

Communications Have an open dialog with the citizens and be compassionate about their complaints, respond on site in appropriate amount of time and try to mitigate or eliminate any public issues.  Give honest professional opinions within the Department, to external Departments and with the public. 

Sense of Urgency:  All tasks are attended to in a timely and conscientious manner.  

Commitment:  All employees demonstrate a firm devotion to their job and the work performed with resources available.

Integrity:  All employees reject any form of corruption and will accept no type of personal payment for services rendered. 

Decisiveness:  No time is wasted to expedite decision making and affect problem-solving actions. 

Client Focus:  All aspects of our work are guided by the need to improve service delivery to clients; internally and externally.

Team Work:  Every employee has a specific task / role to perform and the sum of all our actions defines our destiny (success or failure).