Engineering Division

Engineering Division Overview

The Engineering team consists of Engineers, Inspectors, Technicians, Surveyors, Project Managers, and Administrative support.  The division supervises and manages a variety of contractors responsible for the design and construction for many projects in the City's right-of-way.  It also is responsible for Utility Cut coordination, annual specifications and standards for construction, and traffic studies. 

What does the Engineering Division do for you?
The Joplin Engineering Division is responsible for the planning, design, and construction management for all Public Works projects within the City's public right-of-way.  Projects may include road construction and improvements, traffic signals, street signs and lights, or sanitary and storm sewer improvements.  The Engineering Division also is responsible for establishing the City's standards and specifications for construction within the public right-of-way to ensure projects are built to the Public's best interests.  The Engineering Division works in cooperation with many other City Departments/Divisions to ensure compliance with access and drainage requirements in the planning and maintenance of developments throughout the City.

Traffic Commission

The City of Joplin's Traffic Commission is a Council-appointed board of citizens responsible for making recommendations to the City Council regarding traffic matters such as speed limits, placement of traffic signals, parking or removal of parking along city streets, traffic flow on city streets, and placement of stop signs.

Dakota Rusk,
Civil Engineer I
Traffic Engineer
Ph: (417) 624-0820 Ext. 1598  [email protected]
Chris Parker,
Civil Engineer II
Sanitary Sewer Engineer
Ph: (417) 624-0820 Ext. 1584  [email protected]
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