Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the City of Joplin! Volunteers provide a great service to cities like Joplin because they enable cities to accomplish goals they otherwise would not be able to achieve. Volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded people, learn more about City services and provide a great service to our community!

There are several different ways to volunteer. First, you may volunteer with a group or as an individual. Groups can part of a civic group, employees of a business or a group of friends. They volunteer together. Some of these opportunities include the adopt a street and stream program.

Volunteering as an individual provides opportunities to really customize your volunteer experience around your strengths. Soon we will have volunteer opportunities posted on this webpage. These are specific needs that the city currently has for volunteers. If these opportunities do not match your interest, please feel free to complete an application anyway, and we will do our best to create a volunteer experience that matches your strengths and desires.

Application Processes
Business/Organization Volunteers- A member of the business or organization must complete a business/organization form. City staff will be in contact with the organization’s point of contact. Depending on what the organization is wanting to do, members may be required to undergo a background check and drug test. City staff will be able to inform the point of contact of what is required.
Individual Volunteers- ALL individuals wanting to volunteer will fill out the individual volunteer form. City staff will contact you and explain what the rest of the process will be. Your intake process will be dependent on the type of volunteer experience you are looking for.
  • One-time volunteers- Should expect a volunteer orientation and training. May be asked to interview and undergo a background check.
  • Project/Department Volunteer- Should expect to be interviewed, and undergo a background check and drug test. Should also expect to go through an orientation and training.
Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Special Events Assistant (Police)

Recycling/Compost Volunteer

Speakers Bureau Volunteer (Recycling)

Human Resources Attendant Volunteer

One-Day Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Adopt-A-Street (Here is a list of Joplin streets that are NOT ADOPTABLE through this program)

If you have further questions please contact Patrick Hurn in the Human Resources Department, 417-624-0820 ext. 211.