Public Infrastructure Projects

Sidewalks and ADA Ramps

City staff surveyed the recovery area and it was determined that there are 116,193 feet of sidewalks that were severely damaged and in need of immediate replacement. Using this opportunity to upgrade sidewalks across the recovery area, the City is replacing or installing 812,467 feet of sidewalks and replacing or installing 1,664 ADA ramps dramatically improving neighborhood and commercial areas.

Sanitary Sewers and Manhole Repairs

The tornado and ensuing heavy equipment caused significant damage to manholes and sanitary sewers across the tornado recovery area. As a result, the City is repairing or replacing 1700 manhole covers and 1000s of feet of sewer lines.

Storm Sewer Replacement and Repair

The tornado and ensuing heavy equipment caused significant damage to the manhole and storm sewers across the tornado recovery area. In addition, storm debris resulted in blocked drains and significant water damage caused erosion and collapse of areas. Thirty-four major projects identified consist of priority drainage problems and are largely made up of needed residential neighborhood drainage improvements with a smaller number of improvements at street intersections and commercial areas.

Curb and Gutters

Surveys of the recovery area determined the extent of tornado damage and ensuing heavy equipment damage to curbs and gutters due to debris removal. Roughly 700,000 linear feet of curbs and gutters is damaged and being replaced or repaired.

Streets and Asphalting

Many of these areas are in need of substantial infrastructure work and sustained greater damage during the cleanup due to catastrophic damage to area structures, resulting in intensive debris removal operations and associated heavy equipment. When complete, 35% of City streets will be replaced or overlaid.


As part of the reestablishment of the urban forest lost, our goal is to replace 25,000 trees across the recovery area with over 18,000 replaced to date.