0053.jpgThe Joplin/Jasper County Emergency Management Agency dates back to the Civil Defense days of the 1950’s when the main concern was protection from an attack by outside enemies. Since that time a major change has taken place, not just in function but in purpose and method as well. Now Emergency Management is not just concerned with nuclear attack and fallout, but rather with employing an All-Hazards approach to managing emergencies – both natural and manmade.

Today’s world requires a whole-community approach to being informed, prepared and responsive. This new mindset has resulted in efforts on several fronts to teach citizens how to Have a Plan, Have a Kit and Be Informed. Efforts at improving communication and coordination between response agencies, government, non-governmental agencies, business and the faith-based community have led to a new appreciation for the skills and abilities each organization brings to the table in order to respond, recover, rebuild and learn from each disaster.

Emergency Management is an ever changing agency, seeking to identify and adapt to the current needs of the citizens of this community. Today's emergency response/recovery efforts reflect the current real-world situation, knowing that as times change so will Emergency Management.