Records Requests

The Records Division maintains files of police reports that are made available to the public. These reports are available to the public at a cost of $2.00. Daily report and arrest logs are uploaded to the JPD website at for public viewing. The public can also query incidents that have occurred throughout the city by clicking on the Crime Reports link, which is found under the reports and statistics page of the website. This feature shows crime reported on a map of the city, and has the capabilities to show all registered sex offenders as well.

Media Inquiries

All media inquiries are directed through the public information office, which is housed in the Records Division. Media relations are conducted by the Division Captain William Davis.

Telephone Reporting Officer

Persons wishing to report a past tense crime may be directed to the telephone reporting officer. In cases where there is no evidence to collect and no suspect information available, call takers will take the caller’s name and phone number and forward it to the telephone reporting officer for appropriate follow-up.