Crossing Guards

In 2012, as every year, the Special Enforcement Bureau worked cooperatively with the Joplin R-VIII School District to employ 11 part-time crossing guards. These personnel are placed strategically throughout the city to ensure school-aged children can safely cross busy roads and intersections while walking to school. Every year a study is conducted in conjunction with public works and the school district to ensure the crossing guards are placed in the most effective manner possible. This year brought no new changes to staffing assignments.

Challenges After the Tornado

After the tornado in May, there were several schools that were damaged. With the schools damaged, there were several new buildings that were utilized to host classrooms. This also meant that several of the areas where crossing guards were stationed had to change. The Joplin Police Department, along with the Joplin Public Works Department and the Joplin Schools, worked together to reassign several of the crossing guards to new locations. The police department also worked with the public works street department to make sure that all school zone signs were either repaired or moved to their new locations. Currently, all school zones are properly posted and all school zone speed limit signs are in working order. We will continue to work with the schools as new buildings are rebuilt to ensure that all areas needing crossing guards are covered.