The Patrol Bureau of the Joplin Police Department consists of uniformed officers who patrol the streets of Joplin in highly visible black and white police patrol vehicles. The first point of contact with most of the citizenry of Joplin is likely to take place with a uniformed officer. Most of these contacts are made after a call for service has been placed with the communications center. Uniformed patrol officers respond to calls for service that may be classified as in-progress or past tense. No matter the type of call for service that has been received, officers are expected to create a safe and effective solution.

Teams & Shifts

The Patrol Bureau is the largest bureau within the Operations Division at Joplin Police Department. The Patrol Bureau consists of six patrol teams, providing 24-hour police service to the citizens, businesses, and visitors within the City of Joplin. Weekly shift coverage is made up of three shifts: Days, Evenings, and Nights. Patrol teams work twelve-hour shifts. When fully staffed, each patrol team is comprised of one sergeant, one corporal, and seven officers.