In 2011, the Joplin Police Department evidence facility processed and issued bar code numbers for 7,744 pieces of property. This compares to 8,089 pieces of property in 2010, but does not include all of the property associated with the May 22nd tornado since much of this property was not issued a bar code.

After the May 22nd tornado, the Joplin Police Department established a single report number for all tornado items of value and items that could be traced to an owner. Initially, 144 separate items were logged under this report number and are included in the overall 7,744 pieces of property that were issued bar codes. The tornado items consisted of weapons, jewelry, identifiable property, and currency. In the ensuing aftermath, volunteers brought boxes and boxes of property to the police department. Due to the sheer volume of tornado property coming into the evidence facility, a list was made of identifiable property by name and logging each individual piece into the facility ceased. So in addition to the original 144 separate pieces of tornado property bar coded into the evidence facility, 353 names (most having multiple pieces of property) were cataloged. These additional names do not include the multitude of boxes of pictures volunteers brought to the evidence facility. So to give an overall picture for 2011, over 6% of all the property processed for the year can be linked to one case, the May 22nd tornado.

Therefore, for reporting purposes, it should be noted that a minimum of 8,097 pieces of property were processed into the evidence facility during 2011. The evidence breakdown is as follows:
  • 592 pieces of evidence processed for the Southwest Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force
  • 423 pieces of evidence processed for the Jasper County Drug Task Force
  • 912 pieces of evidence submitted to the Missouri Highway Patrol Crime Lab
  • 64 methamphetamine labs processed into the Joplin Police Department evidence facility