Internal Affairs


The Joplin Police Department is a community-funded division of the City of Joplin. The citizens who fund this department have rightful expectations in regards to the services we provide. Our professionalism as a department is determined by the effectiveness of our officers in the execution of their assigned duties.


The purpose of the Office of Internal Affairs is to ensure that officers are held accountable to the citizens and visitors of Joplin. Accountability demands that we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards as set forth in the law enforcement code of ethics, and ensures that when we fail in maintaining our integrity, consistent disciplinary action is taken.


The Office of Internal Affairs is under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police. With addition of the Joplin City Jail and the Dispatch Center in recent years, the Joplin Police Department has almost doubled in size in the number of personnel for which it is responsible. Due to this increase in size, both an Internal Affairs Sergeant and Corporal share the responsibility of the investigations they conduct.

2019 Complaints

The following is a breakdown of all complaints received by Internal Affairs for 2019:
  • 83 complaints were received
  • 30 complaints were generated by citizens
  • 53 complaints were generated within the agency
  • 42 complaints were sustained or partially sustained
  • 41 complaints resulted in findings that were other than sustained
  • JPD received an average of 2.5 citizen complaints per month
  • JPD generated an average of 4.42 investigations per month from within the agency
During the year of 2019 the Joplin Police Department responded to 85,918 calls for service.  Included in that number are 13,909 vehicle stops.  JPD Officers made 6,885 arrests resulting in 15,373 charges.

During the year of 2018 the Joplin police Department responded to 79,146 calls for service.  Included in that number are 12,123 vehicle stops.  JPD Officers made 6,715 arrests resulting in 14,934 charges.