General Information

Please remove decorations by the Monday following Memorial Day 
for our annual city-wide cemetery clean-up.

101_0346.JPGThe city cemeteries are open to the public from dawn to dusk. Office hours are from 7:00am - 3:30pm, Monday - Friday.

Persons desiring to purchase grave spaces should visit or call the cemetery office at (417) 623-7990 to make an appointment. All charges for interments or indebtedness due the city must be made prior to an internment.

The general care assumed by the city includes mowing; seeding; care of trees and shrubs; resetting of sunken markers; refilling sunken graves; overall care and maintenance of all city-owned cemeteries. All work in the care and improvements of lots and graves shall be made by cemetery personnel. No lot or grave shall be decorated with any trees, plants or shrubs.

Picking flowers, breaking or injuring any tree, shrub or plant or from writing upon, defacing, sitting or walking upon or damaging any memorials, markers, stones or any other structure within the cemeteries is prohibited. With the exception of cemetery personnel, in the performance of cemetery maintenance, any person(s) caught removing flowers, vases, monuments, etc. from any grave other than their own families, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Grave Decorations

The city encourages the decorating of graves, however, we recommend that decorating be held to a minimum during the mowing season, with the exception of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day decorations will be removed the Monday following Memorial Day with the exception of the displays in permanent set vases. A sign designating the removal date will be posted at each cemetery prior to Memorial Day.

After June 6, 2016, shepherd hooks are prohibited in all city owned cemeteries.

Markers & Monuments

Memorials, even for temporary use, made of cement, artificial stone, compositions, wood, tin or iron will not be permitted. Temporary metal markers provided by mortuaries will be permitted, however, the marker will be removed if it becomes deteriorated or unreadable.

Osborne Memorial Cemetery is a designated flat marker only cemetery. Fairview, Forest Park and Parkway cemeteries are designated as traditional cemeteries and allow above ground monuments and memorials. The city encourages the use of flat markers for all cemeteries.

After June 6, 2016, shepherd hooks are prohibited in all city owned cemeteries.

Fees & Charges

Babyland - $200
Includes Grave Space; Opening and Closing:
Set-Up and Monument Placement.
Does not include overtime charges or tent.

Infant Burial On Full-Size Space - $125
Opening and Closing.
Does not include Grave Space or Plot.

Columbarium (Osborne Cemetery)

Single Niche - $850
Companion Niche - $1,200

County Burial - $100
Will be performed at Fairview Cemetery only.

Cremains Committal - $250
with Set-Up - $300
Tent (additional fee) - $100


Vault - $700
2-Piece Concrete Box -  $800
Cremains - $400
Any Other - $1000

Grave Space


Grave Opening & Closing


Marker Setting

$0.50 per sq in

Mausoleum (Forest Park Cemetery)

Level One (Bottom) -  $600
Level Two - $800
Level Three - $1,000
Level Four - $1,200
Level Five -  $1,400


Weekdays after 3:00pm - $150/hour
Saturdays until 12:00pm - $500
Each additional hour after 12:00pm on Saturdays - $150/hour

Tent and Lowering Device


Vase Setting