About Four Corners Emergency Management

The Four Corners Emergency Management group (4CEM) is made up of agency representatives from counties that share borders in the four states of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

The purpose of the group is three-fold:
  1. Resource management - to increase local capacity and create synergy among bordering counties,
  2. Networking - to build relationships with peers, stakeholders and partners, and
  3. Information sharing - to share ideas, lessons learned and best practices.
In the future, 4CEM will continue to focus on all-hazards disaster planning, response and recovery, but hopes to become more multidisciplinary. 4CEM would like to see membership expanded to include city government, elected officials, public health and law enforcement.

4CEM also hopes to better define emergency management, work together more smoothly as a unified team and become more active in advocacy.

To learn more about 4CEM, email [email protected] or call 417-624-0820 x1260.