Recover & Rebuild

On May 22, 2011, a multi-vortex EF-5 tornado ripped a 13-mile path of destruction through Joplin and its neighboring communities. The devastation left behind was impossible to imagine, affecting thousands of residents and taking 161 lives.

What does Rebuild Joplin do?
Rebuild Joplin exists to ensure that resources of all kinds are effectively leveraged to holistically address the post-tornado needs in the Joplin community and create a brighter, more vibrant future for its residents and families. Because safe, permanent and affordable housing is vital to fostering stable families, Rebuild Joplin is currently focusing on rebuilding permanent housing for homeowners and renters in Joplin.

Rebuild Joplin seeks to remove physical, mental and emotional barriers for vulnerable families and community members who are struggling to recover from the devastation and trauma cause by the May 22nd tornado.

How you can help
There are two key ingredients that ensure success for Joplin’s recovery: volunteers and funds. By supplying Rebuild Joplin with either of these resources, you can make an impact on the community’s recovery and expedite the rebuilding process so that families can return home.

Rebuild Joplin currently operates two direct service programs - the Rebuilding Program and Opportunity Housing Program. To get the work done as quickly and affordably as possible, we are in need of passionate people willing to volunteer.

By volunteering with Rebuild Joplin you can become a part of the solution for community members in Joplin. We need volunteers, both skilled and unskilled. You can come alone or bring family, friends, colleagues or classmates. Our only requirement is that you are willing and able to do construction work.

Now several months after the storm, many families are still living in FEMA trailers and many more families are still unable to repair or rebuild the home they so desperately need. Rebuild Joplin needs your help. Please volunteer, donate, or spread the word to help more deserving families move home. Together, we can Rebuild Joplin.