Safety Tips

Safety Indoors

  • Be wary of isolated spots - apartment laundry rooms, underground garages, parking lots, or offices after business hours. Walk with a friend, co-worker, or security guard, particularly at night.
  • If you come home and see a door or window open or broken, don't go in. Call the police from a public phone or neighbor's home.
  • Know your neighbors so you have someone to call or go to if you're scared.
  • Make sure all doors (don't forget sliding glass doors) and windows have deadbolt locks, and use them. Install a peephole in the door and make sure to keep entrances well-lighted.
  • Never open your door to strangers. Offer to make an emergency call while someone waits outside. Check the identification of any sales or service people before letting them in. Don't be embarrassed to phone for verification.

Safety Outdoors

  • Always lock your car - when you get in and when you get out.
  • Avoid walking or jogging alone especially at night. Stay in well-traveled, well-lighted areas.
  • Be careful if anyone in a car asks you for directions - if you answer, keep your distance from the car.
  • Don't hitchhike, ever, and don't ever pick up a hitchhiker.
  • Have your key ready before you reach the door - home, car, or office.
  • If your car breaks down, lift the hood, lock the doors, and turn on the flashers. Use a Call Police banner or flares. If someone stops, roll the window down slightly and ask the person to call the police or a tow service.
  • If you think you're being followed, change direction and head for open stores, restaurants, theaters, or a lighted house.
  • Look around your car and in the back seat before you get it.
  • Park in areas that will be well-lighted and well-traveled when you return.
  • Wear clothes and shoes that give you freedom of movement.