Other Tips

Be on the Lookout

  • If joy riding is a problem in your community, work to improve recreational programs and job opportunities for young people.
  • If your car's stolen, report it to the police immediately. Also, report abandoned cars to the Police Department.
  • Suggest that any dealer, rental car agency, or auto repair shop you use offer auto theft prevention information in the waiting rooms.
  • When buying a used car from an individual or a dealer, make sure you have the proper titles, that the VIN number is intact, and the "federal sticker" is on the inside of the driver's door. That sticker should match the VIN.

Parking Lot Tips

  • Hide or remove all valuables (purses, cameras, etc.) to avoid inviting thieves.
  • Park in well lighted places, away from bushes.
  • Places where there is a lot of foot traffic deters thieves.
  • Turn wheels sharply to curb to make it hard to tow away.