Vandalism Prevention


ps to Avoid Vandalism

Annual damage estimates are in the billions; businesses pass these costs of vandalism on to customers through higher prices. Most vandals are young people - from grade-schoolers to teens to young adults.
  • Clean up vandalism as soon as it happens - replace signs, repair equipment, paint over graffiti. Once the graffiti is gone, use landscape designs (such as prickly shrubs or closely planted hedges), building materials (such as hard-to-mark surfaces), lighting, or fences to discourage vandals.
  • Have a community meeting on vandalism to discuss its victims, costs, and solutions. Include young people in all vandalism prevention efforts.
  • If you see someone vandalizing a property, report it to the police. Remember, vandalism is a crime.
  • Protect your business by installing and using good lighting and locking gates. Eliminate places where someone might hide, such as trees, shrubbery, stairwells, and alleys.