Construction Site Crime Prevention Tips


Construction sites are frequently victimized by theft. Below, you will find a variety of crime prevention recommendations aimed to reduce the theft of property from the construction job site.

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Control of keys: Keys should be issued to as few people as possible. A supervisor should maintain a log of issued keys. Unissued keys should be kept secured and extra keys kept to a minimum. Keys should not be hidden on the job site for easy access. To prevent unauthorized duplication, have keys ?plugged? with a rivet through the bow.
  • Engrave or mark construction equipment: Engrave or mark construction equipment in at least two obvious and one hidden locations.
  • Enlist the support of employees: Enlist the support of employees in minimizing theft and vandalism. Immediately report all vandalism and theft to the police. Have serial numbers and information about markings on the equipment available when the officer responds.
  • Identify assets and property: All assets on a construction site should be identified, inventoried, and tracked as closely as is practical. Develop a company identification numbering system. Corporate equipment should have some type of logo prominently displayed. Encourage employees to have their personal property engraved with identification markers or numbers.
  • Job site surveillance: Contact neighbors around the site. Ask ?residents and businesses? for their support in maintaining a safe and secure job site. If crime is permitted to continue on a job site, it is only a matter of time before crime spreads to the surrounding area.
  • Keep tools and equipment secure: Provide storage sheds or fenced areas on the job site for the secure storage of tools and equipment. When vehicular equipment is not in use, ignition keys should be removed and the cabs locked. If practical, transport trailers to and from the job site, avoid leaving trailers unattended over night or for long periods of time. Use quality, shrouded or hidden shackle locks that cannot be easily accessed with bolt cutters.
  • Lighting the job site. Lighting is an effective deterrent to theft and vandalism on the job site. Pay particular attention to lighting around office trailers, equipment storage trailers and areas, and material storage yards. Consider lighting systems triggered by a motion detector.

For More Information
If you have any questions, please contact the Special Enforcement Bureau at (417) 627-8880.