Birth and Death Certificates (Vital Records)

How to Obtain a Birth or Death Certificate

The Joplin Health Department offers same-day printing of certified copies of birth certificates for a person born in the state of Missouri after 1920 and death certificates for a person who died in Missouri after 1980. To obtain a birth/death certificate, you will need the following:

1. Birth/Death Certificate Application - Download a form or complete in person at the health department office. Information needed for the application:

  • Date of birth and/or death
  • Father’s name, mother’s maiden name
  • Full name of person named on certificate
  • Place of birth/death (city and county)
  • Purpose for the copies
  • Your relationship to person named on certificate

2. Cash, check or credit cards accepted. Checks must be payable to "Joplin Health Department."

  • Birth certificates are $15 each
  • Death certificates are $14 for the first copy and $11 for each additional copy

3. A photo ID is required to obtain a certificate. This includes driver's license, military ID, student ID, passport, work badge or other ID's with a current photo. If you do not have a photo ID, two copies of non-photo ID may be substituted. Acceptable forms of non-photo ID includes social security card, insurance statement, utility bills, Medicare/Medicaid card and many others. The full list of accepted alternative forms of non-photo ID can be found on the Missouri Vital Records webpage.

Out of State Requests

If you reside in another state and need a Missouri birth or death certificate, please visit the Missouri Vital Records webpage.

If you need a birth or death certificate from another state other than Missouri, the health department can give you a copy of that state’s application or you can search for that state's vital records program online.