Tattoo Code

Tattoo Establishment Code

TattooTattoo establishments are covered in Joplin City Code Sec. 62-271 through 62-315 and are compiled in the file, along with tattoo procedures.

Tattoo Inspection Program

Tattoo establishments in the Joplin city limits are inspected by the Joplin Health Department. Tattoo establishments are also under the jurisdiction of the State of Missouri and their requirements can be reviewed online.

New Establishments & Owner Change

Contact the Joplin Health Department prior to opening or construction of a new establishment by calling (417) 623-6122 or by email.

Whenever a tattoo establishment is constructed or extensively remodeled and whenever an existing structure is converted, several documents shall be submitted to the Joplin Health Department. Necessary documents include:
  • A completed Tattoo Permit Application
  • A proposed list of services. (Piercing, branding, tattooing, etc.)
  • Properly prepared plans and specifications for construction, remodeling, or conversion.

Additional Information

  • Tattoo Establishment Permits and Applications