Administration Division

The Administration Division is headed by Chief James Furgerson, who is responsible for department direction and management.

Operations Division

The Operations Division is headed by Deputy Chief Andy Nimmo, who is responsible for all day-to-day operations and emergency responses of the Department.

Prevention Division

The Prevention Division is headed by Fire Marshal Dale Brooks, who is responsible for all aspects of fire prevention and public fire safety education, code enforcement, and fire investigations.

Training Division

Training Chiefs Mark Cannon and Dustin Lunow handle various aspects of training for the Joplin Fire Department, ranging from basic firefighting skills to officer-level training, technical rescue, and hazardous materials training. They also host courses that result in Missouri Division of Fire Safety and IFSAC (International Fire Service Accreditation Congress) certification.

The Joplin Fire Department is also licensed by the Missouri Bureau of EMS to provide training up to EMT-Paramedic CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

Emergency Management Division

The Emergency Management Division is headed by Keith Stammer, who is responsible for all aspects of the all-hazards emergency operations plan.