Jail Accreditation

Shane Dotson, jail administrator, is now a Certified Correctional Executive through the American Correctional Association (ACA). Along with his current certification, the jail is also preparing to apply for full accreditation with the ACA in December 2013.

This accreditation will recognize the jail as operating at the highest level of inmate care and constitutionality. The jail will be only one of two long-term detention facilities in the State of Missouri that will be fully accredited.

Jail Structure

The Joplin City Jail has a total of 19 full and part-time employees to manage the 60-bed facility. This past year was a very busy year in which the facility booked in 8,347 prisoners and released 8,389. Among those booked, there were 3,012 jail days saved through the inmate work program. This past year the inmate work program was utilized by Public Works for the City of Joplin. Public Works utilized inmate works crews to clean lots which were left unattended after the tornado. These additional work details saw a 25% increase in jail days saved which helped reduce the cost and daily population.

To give a general idea of how many inmates were processed during the last year, the food service program served almost 68,000 meals.

Jail Population

In 2012, the average daily inmate population at any given time was 62 inmates which is a 17% increase over last year. Over the course of the last year, Jail Administrator Shane Dotson lowered the daily inmate care cost by $5.12 per inmate per day. This is an annual savings to the City of Joplin of $67,800. This lowered cost can be attributed to the initiation of the jail’s own in-house food management program, aggressive inmate work details, efficient staff, and a continued monitoring of costs and seeking vendors for the most competitive prices.