Fallen Heroes

In Memory

In memory of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty at the Joplin Fire Department.

Firefighter Lee Sherwood

  • February 13, 1923
A fire broke out at the First Presbyterian Church at Sixth and Pearl streets on February 13, 1923. Lee Sherwood, a 14-year veteran with the Joplin Fire Department, became critically injured when he was thrown from a second-story window of the church and fell to the sidewalk below. Sherwood died shortly afterward at St John’s Hospital. This unfortunately became the first death for the Joplin Fire Department.

Driver Frank Krudwig

  • June 26, 1934
On June 26, 1934, at 2:00 pm, Joplin Fireman Frank Krudwig was killed driving the Fire Department’s American La France pumper truck. Krudwig was responding to a fire alarm when his truck struck a curb rounding a corner at Fourth Street and Empire Street. The truck flipped over, crushing Krudwig and killing him instantly. Krudwig held the position of driver and had been with the department since 1926.

Firefighter John Serage

  • November 7, 1947
John Serage began working for the Joplin Fire Department on April 20, 1940. He was promoted to driver on November 15, 1941. On November 7, 1947, Serage died on duty from a heart attack.

Lt. James Kallenberger

Lt. James Kallenberger and his fellow firemen made an emergency call to a residence at 1116 South Jackson. Upon returning to the station, Lt. Kallenberger suffered a heart attack and died at 10:25 am at St John’s Medical Center. Lt. Kallenberger began working for the Joplin Fire Department February 1965. He was promoted to driver in 1968 and became lieutenant in 1971. Lt. Kallenberger was in charge of Joplin Fire Station No. 2 at 18th Street and Wall Avenue.