Snow-Ice Removal Program

snow downtown

City crews plow and treat nearly 250 lane miles of streets in Joplin.

Public Works is responsible for snow and ice control on public streets. The department monitors weather forecasts closely to schedule crews in advance of winter weather to ensure the highest possible level of response for safe travel during and after an event.

The Snow Plan has a scheduled route system. Snow plows are only redirected to assist police and fire emergency services and are not otherwise pulled off of assigned routes.

Snow Control Response

Joplin has established snow control goals which include a completion time depending on each level of response. The goal time starts when accumulating winter precipitation ends and is dependent upon the severity of winter weather conditions.

Primary and secondary roads, and bridges, are the first and main priority when the snowfall or ice begins. Residential and private streets are not plowed.

Primary Roads: major multi-lane or high volume two-lane streets

Secondary Roads: minor thoroughfares

Snow and Ice Control

Snow and ice control, or plowing and treating, is to provide adequate mobility and safety for properly equipped and prudently operated vehicles. Plowed streets are intended to meet this goal. The City does not have a bare pavement policy or expectation. Generally, streets are plowed curb to curb, but there may be snow pack, wind rows, and other areas of covered pavement for a variety of reasons after a route is completed. Road treatment consists of a salt and/or beet juice slurry applied to roads and bridges.

The City utilizes a mixture of beet juice and salt creating a road solution to apply to help mange ice and snow. The temperatures must be above 15 degrees for the solution to activate melting ice. If temperatures are below 15 degrees, or the forecast calls for rain or high winds, we are unable to apply the solution as a pretreatment as it will be ineffective, or wash or be blown away during application. 

Private Streets, Driveways and Sidewalks

Plowing snow on private property is the property owner’s responsibility. Shoveling snow to the side of the driveway will lessen the amount of snow left at the driveway entrance and/or sidewalks during plowing. Sidewalks are maintained by the adjacent property owner or business owner.

Snow Route Map

The Joplin Snow Route Maps below show which streets are primary and secondary. It also highlights those streets that are maintained by (MODOT) the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Joplin Special Roads District. 

Citywide Snow Routes Map

Snow Route Area 1

Snow Route Area 2

Snow Route Area 3

Snow Route Area 4

In addition, the Missouri Department of Transportation maintains a statewide Road Conditions Map.