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On August 3, 2021, Joplin citizens will vote on the question of renewing a ¼ -cent sales tax for parks projects and stormwater improvements.

As the City of Joplin continues to grow, so does the need for services.  A significant element in any city relates to the quality of life issues that includes enjoying clean and well-maintained parks with green space, playgrounds, and trails. Activities, programs, and events are also important for citizens as many seek leisure and sports-related offerings for themselves and their families.

Citizens would not be able to enjoy these park-related offerings, if they couldn’t reach these places because the stormwater system is insufficient, causing overflow and flooding in our streets and parks.

To address these types of park projects and stormwater issues, the City utilizes revenues from the ¼-cent Parks and Stormwater Sales Tax. Citizens originally passed this initiative in 2001 and then renewed it in 2011. It is set to expire on March 31, 2022. By completing identified stormwater projects in commercial and high traffic areas, the [flooding occurrence is significantly reduced]. Funds also go towards [park projects and improvements] and help with ongoing maintenance for Joplin’s parks system.

Momentum is growing in Joplin. A renovated downtown area, multiple walking trails throughout the City and urban forests, development of a multi-field ball complex, and beautification and improvements throughout our park system has created an outdoor resurgence.  

With an increasing audience, the City has the responsibility to plan for and manage long-term stormwater issues, as well as maintain and develop park amenities and recreation activities for our citizens and visitors to Joplin.

During 2020, City staff worked with consultants to develop ten-year master plans for our stormwater system and the Parks and Recreation Department. For each area, citizens' input was gathered through public meetings, surveys, and ongoing discussions about how improvements could impact Joplin’s future. 

Recommendations for the next ten years are an important component of the master plans for each area. The identified projects and developments, along with necessary maintenance of the systems, focus on the community’s wishes and city infrastructure needs, while addressing the quality of life for Joplin. 

We encourage our citizens to learn more about this initiative and projects that have been identified for this funding and vote on Tuesday, August 3, 2021. This is an important question for our citizens to decide for the future.

Parks Projects

Picture of the bridge at Campbell Parkway with text that says Campbell Parkway
Picture of the Butterly Overlook with text that says Cunningham Park
Picture of a man riding a mountain bike in the woods text that says Dover Outdoor Recreation Area
Picture of the Ewert Park entrance sign with text that says Ewert Park
Picture of a softball field with text that says Joplin Athletic Complex
Picture of a trail along a creek with text that says McIndoe and Wildcat Parks
Picture of a fountain in a pond with text that says Mercy Parks
Picture of a park bench along a trail with text that says Park Beautification
Picture of a man weed-eating with text that says Park Maintenance
Picture of a security camera with text that says Park Security
Picture of a playground under construction with text that says Playground Enhancements
Picture of a people playing pickleball with text that says Sport Courts
Picture of a night game at Joe Becker Stadium with text that says Stadium Turf
Picture of a trail with text that says Trail Improvements

Stormwater Projects

Image of a storm drain with the text Catch Basin and Drain Maintenance at the bottom
Image of a green car driving through flood water with the text Durham Acres at the bottom
Image of a 5 story building with trees in front with the text Economic Development at the bottom
Image of a backhoe digging in a ditch with the text Minor System Improvements at the bottom
Image of an automated gate across a flooded road with text that says Murphy Low Water Bridge
Old Willow Branch
Aerial photo of flooding in the Sunnyvale neighborhood with the text Sunnyvale and I-44 Study
Image of a city map with the text 1st and Joplin Avenue Study at the bottom
Image from Google Earth showing the project with the text 5th & Porter Avenue at the bottom
Aerial view of flooding at 17th and Mina with text on the photo that says 17th and Mina Avenue
Image of a street corner with 2 storm drains with the text Texas Avenue at the bottom
Image of two culverts under a roadway with the text 26th Street Twin Culverts at the bottom