Korea and Vietnam

Memorials can be found inside Memorial Hall, and several Memorial Monuments are located on the grounds of the historic building. The outside memorials on the west side of Memorial Hall honor heroic veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars. 

Korean and Vietnam Monument

Seal - Department of Defense United States of America 

In Memory of Our Heroic Combat Dead of the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts 


(north side) 

Harold L. Terry 

Jimmie E. Barcom 

William M. Barnyard 

Otis C. Carpenter 

James A. Harris 

David L. Johnson 

Charles R. Landon 

Robert F. Wilson 

Donald D. Younger 


(south side) 

Harold E. Wood 

Walter E. Thorpe, Hr. 

James E. Thorpe 

Nolan Lord 

Jack D. Gaines 

William L. McHorney 

Jack W. Rodarme 

Ray Smith 



(north side) 

Chester C. Carrico, Jr. 

Daniel L. Sherman 

Tommy Hill 

Gordon L. Sagent 

William J. Johnson 

Jerry D. Stewart 

Dale E. Shirley 

Donald G. Cleaver 

Roy L. Day 

Larry D. Piller 

Robert J. Ruhl, Jr. 

Monty R. Sewell 


(south side) 

Nicholas R. Procino 

Harold L. Carver 

Jimmy D. Hatfield 

Clark L. Henson, Jr. 

Charles B. Horton 

Gary D. Hudson 

Robert G. Kimberley 

Virgil M. Ledford 

Jon A. Rippee 

James N. Finn 

Joe R. Whitted 

Dwight G. Rickman