Address Declining Neighborhoods

What are declining neighborhoods?

Declining neighborhoods include vacant and abandoned homes and properties that have a negative impact on communities. Blighted properties often decrease the property values of surrounding homes, as well as contribute towards health and safety hazards, and reduce local tax revenue. 

Steps can be taken to address declining neighborhoods and blighted areas by reducing vacant and dangerous buildings, reviewing zoning codes that directly affect buildings, housing, health and fire codes in order to improve code compliance in neighborhoods. Addressing declining neighborhoods can also be undertaken by developing and implementing programs that establish new processes and procedures for potential projects.

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How does this affect Joplin?

Through the City Manager's 2020 Listening Tour, Joplin citizens expressed their concern over increasing neighborhood blight and identified this issue as a threat to the community. The continued effect of declining neighborhoods creates a lack of pride in the community and negative perceptions of Joplin based on the neighborhoods’ appearances. Residents also expressed that they would like to see increased code enforcement and harsher penalties for absentee landlords and noncompliant homeowners. As a result of the Listening Tour, there was also a call to see an increase in the education processes for homeowners on current ordinances to keep neighborhoods clean, and for vacant and dangerous structures in the area to be torn down or revitalized.

How can declining neighborhoods be addressed?

Please click on any of the links below to learn more about each strategy developed by staff in order to improve the address declining neighborhoods in Joplin.

To see the full set of 2021 Action Plans please click here.

We encourage our citizens to learn more about these initiatives that have been identified as potential uses for funding provided through the use tax that will be on the ballot on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. To learn more about the use tax as a potential source of funding please see the Proposition Action FAQ page.

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