Additional Services

          Walk-in on Monday or Tuesday 8-11 AM or 1-4 PM
          Take number from red wheel when you arrive

  • In-State:
                 Bring WIC folder from previous agency
                 We will review info and set next appointment
  • Out-of-State:
                  Bring WIC folder from previous agency
                  Transfer info from previous agency (VOC) if available or come to our office during previous agency's office hours
                           (allowing for time differences).
                  Bring any unused checks or card
                  Bring Proof of residency dated within 30 days
                  Bring Proof of identification for you and any infant or child transferring
                  We will review data and make next appointment

          Walk in during you scheduled week 8-11 AM or 1-4 PM
          Use your household ID with 00 added in front
          Can be completed at any time between time of last appointment and next scheduled appointment listed inside folder
          Results will automatically sent from website to WIC office for proof of completion    

          Walk-in or stolen on Monday through Thursday 8-11 AM or 2-4 PM
                    If Stolen:
                                  Bring police report, with folder listed as stolen item.
                    If Natural Disaster or Fire:
                                  Bring copy of claim or copy of news article
                    If Lost:
                                  WIC does not replace current month,
                                   If benefits are for an infant it is handled on a case by case basis.
                    Must be reported by Authorized Representative cannot be a Proxy.
                    There is a 7 day waiting period before replacement can occur.
                    Take number off red wheel when you arrive.