Mayors' Monarch Pledge

The City of Joplin was inspired by a "butterfly effect" in its recovery, rebirth, and transformation after the May 2011 tornado. 

Through the National Wildlife Federations' Mayors' Monarch Pledge, we have committed to create habitat in public spaces and educate citizens about how to make a difference at home. 

In collaboration with cities and towns around the nation, Joplin aims to conserve and protect monarch populations and their migratory phenomenon. 

In conjunction with community volunteers and the Chert Glades Missouri Master Naturalist Chapter, we are working on several projects throughout the city to help the monarchs.

Why Monarchs Matter

Monarch butterflies, along with other pollinators, move pollen to fertilize flowers, resulting in seeds to make the next generation of plants as well as any fruits that surround them. In fact, one out of every three bites of food we eat depend on pollinators! 

The population of the monarch butterfly has declined by 90% in the last 20 years, due to habitat loss, pesticides, and other factors. 

Monarchs migrate each year from Canada to Mexico. A single butterfly can travel hundreds to thousands of miles! The migration is one of the world's greatest natural phenomena. 
Monarch Butterflies

Joplin's Projects

  • To declare April through October 2017 as Mayors' Monarch Pledge Days.
  • To introduce milkweed along the wetland area at Campbell Parkway.
  • To create native habitats featuring milkweed and other pollinator-friendly plants at the entrance of Ewert Park, Humphrey Park, and Leonard Park.
  • To maintain and introduce additional native plants at the Butterfly Overlook within Cunningham Park.
  • Encourage native plant habitats at Mercy Park, Joplin's newest park added in 2016. 

You Can Make a Difference 

  • Create your own habitat! Plant native plants in your yard, garden, containers, and more! Curious where to start? Visit the Grow Native website that has information specifically for your area! 
  • Share pictures and report monarch sightings by using #JoplinMonarchs

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