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City invites volunteers to One Year Anniversary: “A Day of Unity”
Planning continues for the one year anniversary of the May 22 tornado, entitled “A Day of Unity”, and all who have played a part in Joplin and Duquesne’s recovery are invited to participate. City officials also encourage volunteers who have come to our community and provided over 760,000 hours of service to return to Joplin and join us in this historical anniversary.

“We know there are many who have memories from this day, as well as the months following as we began putting our lives and our community back together,” said City Manager Mark Rohr. “That is why we’re planning a day with numerous activities in various locations. Residents, volunteers, business community members and our faith-based organizations all have been extremely important from the moments following the storm throughout today in our recovery efforts. We encourage all to participate in the Day of Unity activities in the manner they find most appropriate for them. Staying together as one has been significant in our success in recovery efforts, and it will continue to provide benefits as we work together and finish the rebuilding process for a stronger and better community.”

As part of the Day of Unity, a walk along the tornado’s path from Range Line to Cunningham Park is being planned. This Walk of Unity will encompass several stops along the way with specific happenings being planned at these locations. Details will be announced as they are finalized.

During this planning phase, the community and the thousands of volunteers who have come to our aide are asked to mark their calendar, and begin planning how they would like to participate in this historic anniversary, whether walking, gathering at a certain location, or joining in the activities at Cunningham Park. If participating in the walk as a group, members may want to wear similar shirts for group identification or carry a simple flag stating their group’s name, city or affiliation.

“The Day of Unity is simply that – a day to come together as we are – and recognize the historic year that we’ve been through together,” said Rohr.

With all invited to participate, there are some groups and individuals who have inquired about assisting somehow during this community event. The Convention and Visitors Bureau will host a meeting in the near future for those wishing to help with the event. Please note: it is NOT NECESSARY to volunteer to assist in the event to attend.

“Many have put in long hours already by assisting in various ways. This day is a day to remember, to recover and to reunite with others who have endured this past year. We hope you can join us in A Day of Unity on May 22, 2012,” said Rohr.

Please watch for more announcements about other activities being planned for the Day of Unity.As the date draws near, organizers will be sending out specific route and event stops to help everyone schedule their activities.