Police Officer Reserves

The Joplin Police Department Reserve Program is made up of three part-time commissioned police officers with full police powers. All three current reserve officers are former full-time officers with JPD who have other careers but still aspire to serve the citizens of Joplin. Reserves are unpaid volunteers who attend a minimum of 16 hours of training every month and who serve the department in various capacities. This program and its active members are extremely important assets in accomplishing the mission and goals of this department.


These officers provide supplemental help to the department at large community events such as Boomtown Days, Freedom Fest, the Christmas parade, and other events and assignments as needed. They fill patrol shifts and work extra details. All three reserve officers contributed to the rescue and support efforts following the May 22nd tornado. Their service cuts down on the department’s overtime pay, which reduces the spending of taxpayer’s money.

Meet the Reserves

Officer Tim Wilson is a part-time officer who is also assigned to the SWAT team. He assists the DWI unit with checkpoints, saturation patrols, and training, in addition to serving at other various activities throughout the year.

Officer Grant LaVelle is a part time officer, also assigned to the SWAT team, who assists with numerous events as needed. Officer LaVelle was a full time patrol corporal until 2004.

Officer Matt Cowdin has been a part-time officer for several years. Prior to that, he was a corporal in the Investigations Bureau, assigned to narcotics. Officer Cowdin helps with routine patrol functions, narcotics activities, and other events as needed.