Explorer Post

The Joplin Police Department Explorer Post #164 is a group made up of 10-15 explorers. Three police officers supervise the post and two of the three are former JPD explorers themselves, so they believe very strongly in the program. Post Advisor Sgt. Jared Delzell and Associate Advisors, Officer Daniel Rogers and Officer Steve Feken, spend about five hours each week preparing and teaching classroom and practical training. The explorers meet every Thursday evening for three to four hours.


The goal of our post, which is sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America, is to educate our area youth in the career and related fields of law enforcement. We train on all aspects of law enforcement from policy to tactics. This program is a great way to spend time with youth, teaching them good moral values and demonstrating how the criminal justice system works.


The explorers assist the police department in directing traffic and parking cars at Freedom Fest, the Christmas parade, and other events throughout the year. By volunteering their time, they earn ride-along time with officers.

National Conference

The explorer post added several new members during 2012 and are currently promoting new cadets to their command staff as well as implementing an Explorer Field Training Officer Program. All members of the post have expressed interest in a career in law enforcement and train diligently to further themselves and each other in this field. When not training, the post spends time earning money for equipment and miscellaneous events by washing police cars, holding public car washes, serving pizza at Pizza Inn, hosting chili feeds, participating in popcorn sales, and conducting many other fundraisers.