News & Press

October 2016

Press Release - Fatality I 44-10-3-16

September 2016

DWI-Checkpoint Results-9-26-16
Shooting Arrest-9-22-16
Stolen Property - Forgery Arrest-9-14-16
Stolen Auto Arrest Amber D. Lockard-9-8-16
ODET Press Release-Arrest of Kenneth Reavis-9-8-16
ODET Press Release-9-1-16

August 2016

7th and Moffet Robbery- Update 1-8-30-16
7th and Moffet Robbery-8-30-16
Officer Injured during arrest attempt-8-29-16
DWI-Checkpoint results- 8-29-16
Disturbance with shots fired - Update 1 - 8-18-16
Disturbance with shots fired-8-18-16
Active Shooter-Arrest- Update 6-8-15-16
Active Shooter-Arrest-Update 5-8-15-16
Active Shooter-Arrest -Update 4-8-15-16
Active Shooter-Arrest-Update 3-8-15-16
Active Shooter-Arrest-Update 2-8-15-16
Active Shooter-Arrest -Update 1-8-15-16
Initial Release-Active Shooter-Arrest-8-15-16
Armed Robbery Press Release-8-11-16
2016 2nd Quarter Report -8-11-16
Tracy Pickett Release-8-8-16
Range Line Press Release-8-8-16
Barandas DWI-pursuit-8-2-16
Pursuit, Trafficking in Stolen Identification-8-2-16

July 2016

Counterfeit Arrests-7-25-16
Burglary Arrest-7-25-16
Pokemon Go-7-15-16
Shelton Washington-arrest-7-8-16
Shop with a Cop Annual Car Show-7-6-16
Press Release CPA-7-1-16

June 2016

2016 National Night Out Press Release-6-30-16
Missing Juvenile Nicholae Oakleaf Update-6-24-16
Missing Juvenile Nicholae Oakleaf-6-24-16
Train derailed-6-24-16
ODET Press-6-21-16
Brglary 1st Degree, Robbery 2nd, Degree, Felonious Restraint-6-20-16
Federal Warrant Arrest -Ashton Bailey-6-09-16
Missing Person - Willanna A. Dunn - Update 4 -6-6-16
Missing Person-Willanna A. Dunn-Update 3-6-3-16
Missing Person-Willanna A. Dunn-Update 2-6-3-16
Missing Person- Willanna A. Dunn Update-6-2-16
Home Repair Scam-Warning-6-1-16
Missing Person-6-1-16

May 2016

1st Quarter Report-5-18-16
Starsky Love Arrest-5-16-16
Robbery-Discount Smokes-5-16-16
ODET 627 Byers-5-12-16
Medicine Shoppe Robbery Update -5-12-16
Medicine Shoppe Robbery -5-9-16
Arrests made, property recovered-5-6-16
Annual Award Banquet-5-3-16
DWI Check Point-Update-5-2-16

April 2016

Burglary-Crash Investigation-Update 4- 4-29-16
Burglary-Crash Investigation-Update 3-4-28-16
ODET Press Release-4-28-16
DWI checkpoint-4-28-16
ODET Press Release-Bailey-4-20-16
Burglary-Crash Investigation-4-18-16
JPD child abuse press release-4-15-16
Miller Press Release-4-15-16
Press Release - NewmanRangeline-4-15-16
Death Investigation 114 1-2 S Pearl-Update 1-4-6-16
Death Investigation 114 1-2 S. Pearl-4-5-16
National Child Abuse Prevention Month-4-5-16

March 2016

Family Video Burglary-3-29-16
ODET Press Thorpe -3-22-16
Media Release-Paul Lloyd-3-21-16
DWI Checkpoint Release Update- 3-21-16
Robbery 3120 S Main St Update1-3-18-16
Robbery 3120 S Main St-3-18-16
DWI Checkpoint News Release- 3-16-16
Press Release Suspicous Device update 1-3-9-16
Press Release Suspicous Device-3-9-16
Joplin High School Update _1-3-8-16
Joplin High School-3-7-16
Lock down activation -3-3-16
Promotions within JPD-3-2-16

February 2016

Hennaha Murder Suspect-2-23-16
Fatality Crash 249-2-22-16
Patrol Unit Rammed update-2-18-16
Fatality Crash-2-16-16
Missing Person-2-9-16

January 2016

4th Qtr 2015 Final-1-1-16
Chief Burns Retirement-1-28-16
Death Investigation 310 W.14th -1-25-16update 1
Death Investigation 310 W. 14th-1-25-16
Arrests-Distribution Controlled Substance-1-19-16
Robbery 2702 S Main Street-1-18-16
Missing Person-1-13-16
Skimming devices found locally-1-12-16
Jason Russell Arrest-1-11-16
Missing Person-1-11-16
Doug Alexius-Mineral Avenue-1-11-16
Bank Robbery-1-11-16
Officer Involved Shooting Update 7 --1-7-16

December 2015

Holiday Travel Safety-12-31-15
Press Release CPA-12-29-15
Shooting 100 E Mercy Way Update 1-12-24-15
Shooting 100 E Mercy Way-12-24-15
ODET Press Release Reavis Arrest-12-21-15
ODET Press Release Larue Arrest-12-21-15
Odet Press Release Hickman Arrest-12-21-15
Holiday Season Package Theft-12-17-15
Exploitation of Elderly-Update1-12-15-15
Exploitation of Elderly-arrests made-12-15-15
Officer Involved Shooting Update5-12-10-15
Fatality Crash 7-Winfield Update-12-8-15
Winfield Fatality Crash-12-8-15
Jail walk-away update2 --12-7-15
Jail walk-away update 1-12-4-15
Press Release Inmate Escape-12-4-15
Shooting 1301 E 15th St.-Arrest-12-3-15
Officer Involved Shooting Update4 -12-3-15
ODET Press Release-12-2-15
Officer Involved Shooting Update3 - 12-1-15
Officer Involved Shooting Update2-12-1-15
Officer Involved Shooting-12-1-15

November 2015

Northpark Mall Stealing-11-25-15
ODET Press Release-11-25-15
Strong Armed Robbery-11-23-15
ODET Press Release-11-19-15
Scofield Press Release-11-17-15
A and Gray Incident update-11-13-15
A and Gray Incident -11-13-15
Fastrip Burlary November 2015-11-13-15
Payless Shoe Store-Armed Robbery-11-12-15
Series of suspicous fires-11-11-15
Rescinded-Endangered Missing Person-11-6-15

October 2015

3rd Qtr 2015-10-1-15
Media Release - Death Investigation F-Main-10-30-15
Media Release- Results of DWI Crackdown-10-26-15
Media Release-DWI Crackdown-10-23-15
Media Release Death Investigation-10-16-15
ODET Press Release-10-6-15

September 2015

ODET Press Release-9-23-15
Media Release-K-9 Gunner Retirement-9-14-15
ODET Press Release-9-10-15
Robbery Arrest Media Notice -9-3-15
Robbery Media Notice- Ladue -9-1-15

August 2015

 2015 Second Quarter Internal Affairs Report -8-31-15
Missing Person Hogue Update 2-8-28-15
Missing Person Hogue Update-8-27-15
Robbery Media Release Gas Trip-8-25-15
Robbery Media Release Caseys-8-25-15
ODET press Jason Olsson Arrest-8-24-15
Hwy 249 Crash press release-8-24-15
Robbery Media Release-8-21-15
Press Release - School Starting 2015-8-19-15
Narcotics and Hand Gun Arrest-8-17-15
Press Release 7th and Roosevelt-8-11-15
Arrest- Alleged Rape Investigation-8-7-15

July 2015

7th and Porter Crash Update 1-7-24-15
Media Release KCS Update-7-24-15
7th and Porter Crash-7-24-15
Media Release KCS -7-24-15
ODET PRESS RELEASE 228 N Connor-7-17-15
31ST National Night Out-7-14-15
Fourth of July Holiday-Drive Safe-7-2-15
Update _ 1Vehicular Assault 1501 Range Line-7-1-15
Vehicular Assault 1501 Range Line-7-1-15

June 2015

K9 Med training-6-26-15
Fireworks Safety Tips-6-25-15
Stabbing Arrest-1024 Hill Ave.-6-22-15
Homicide investigation-4223 W. 26th Place-6-10-15

May 2015

Homicide Investigation-200 E Zora-5-28-15
Update-Charges Sought for First Degree Burglary- 5-28-15
Charges Sought for First Degree Burglary-5-28-15
Update 3 -Homicide Investigation-200 E. Zora -5-21-15
Update 2 Shooting 200 East Zora-5-19-15
Update - Shooting 200 East Zora-5-19-15
Shooting 200 East Zora-5-19-15
1st Quarter Report-5-18-15
Checkpoint- Post News Release-5-18-15
Checkpoint-Pre News Release 5-12-2015
Press Release Joseph Ehlers-5-11-15
Bicycle accident Update-5-8-15
Bicycle accident-5-8-15

April 2015

Michael Banks arrest-4-29-15
Jeremy Sanders arrested-4-28-15
Diamond Bradley -Arrest-4-27-15
OCC Checkpoint-Post Press Release -4-25-15
Update-Continuation on Page 7-Awards Banquet-4-27-15
2014 Joplin Police Department Awards Banquet-4-24-15
Pre Checkpoint News Release 4-24-15
Arrest of Ira Jones-4-16-15
Marijuana Seizure-4-15-15
Dropbox Investigation-4-15-15
Media Release-Michael Watson Arrest-4-10-15

March 2015

Post DWI Checkpoint Results-3-30-15
Multiple arrests-405 S. Moffet-3-25-15
Death Investigation - Correction & Update - 3-16-15
Death Investigation - 3-16-15
Police Pursuit-3-12-15
Burglary 1014 S. Joplin-3-11-15
Year end report final 2014-3-5-15
Emergency road conditions-3-4-15
Missing-Runaway Located-3-2-15
Missing Endangered Child- Update-3-2-15
Missing-Runaway-Update 2-3-2-15
Missing Endangered Child-3-2-15

February 2015

New K9 Officer Keta-2-24-15
Armed Robbery Arrest-2-4-15
IRS Scam-2-2-15
Armed Robbery Arrest-2-2-15

January 2015

Burglary Arrest-1-29-15
Robbery Arrest-1-28-15
Robbery-Burglary Arrest-1-26-15
JPD DWI Unit is _1 in DWI arrests-1-22-15
Promotions-Media Release-1-20-15
Hideout Harley update 2--1-20-15
Domestic Assault-1-19-15
Car Stop, Eluding, K9-1-12-15
Car Stop shotgun drugs-Update-1-12-15
Car Stop shotgun drugs-1-12-15
Software Center Burglary Update---1-1-9-15
Hideout Harley Burglary Update--1-1-9-15
Software Center Burglary-1-8-15
Mail Theft Update--2-1-8-15
Hideout Harley Burglary-1-8-15

December 2014

Mail Theft Update--1-12-22-14
Mail Theft Prevention-12-16-14

November 2014

Homicide 125 S. McConnell--Update 2-11-13-14
Church Burglary Arrests Made-11-11-14
Homicide 125 S. McConnell--Update 1-11-11-14
Homicide 125 S. McConnell-11-10-14
Registered Sex Offenders and Halloween-11-3-14

October 2014

Improvised Explosive Device Located-10-31-14
Use of Force and IA 3rd Quarter Report-10-29-14
Arson 2015 E. 32nd-10-28-14
Shooting 524 S. Club-10-20-14
Child Abuse Investigation-10-16-14
Press Release Crime Free Business Seminar-10-14-14
Joseph Endicott Arrest-10-9-14

September 2014

Child Protection Safety-9-15-14
Homicide 201 N Wall Apt 1--Update--Arrests Made-9-10-14
Strong Armed Robbery Frisco Trail-9-9-14
Crime Free Multi Housing Training 2014-9-9-14
Homicide 201 N Wall Apt 1-9-8-14

August 2014

Gas Main Break Update-8-26-14
Crash newman and rangeline -- update 1 - 8-1414
Crash newman and rangeline-8-14-14
Chaplain David Schepper Receives Award-8-5-14
Vehicle Tampering Arrests 101 N. Rangeline-8-4-14
11th and Range Line August 1 2014-8-4-14

July 2014

JPD Receives Advanced Accreditation 7-28-14
Fall Citizens Police Academy 7-28-14
National Night Out 2014-7-21-14
2014 Second Quarter Internal Affairs Report-7-23-14

Burglary Arrest 7-11-14
Injury Crash 11th & Range Line 7-8-14
Drury Inn Armed Robbery 7-7-14

June 2014

Fireworks in the City of Joplin 6-23-14
False Imprisonment Arrest 6-23-14
Robbery 901 N Florida 6-20-14
Fatality Accident at 32nd and Mississippi Ave 6-20-14
Fatality Accident at I-44 and Hearnes Blvd 6-19-14
Possible Scam Alert 6-4-14
Prostitution Sting 6-4-14

May 2014

Statutory Sodomy Arrest UPDATE 5-30-14
Robbery Arrest Made 5-29-14
Statutory Sodomy Arrest 5-29-14
Fatal Crash 34th and Hearnes Blvd 5-24-14
Missouri House Bill 1655 Failed 5-23-14
Lt Geller Graduates from Command College 5-23-14
Shooting at 2720 S Iowa 5-19-14
Hollywood Theater Death UPDATE 5-9-14
Hollywood Theater Death 5-9-14
1st Degree Burglary 1010 W 3rd 5-9-14
Shooting at 14th and Cleveland UPDATE 5-7-14
1st Degree Burglary at Papa Murphy's 5-7-14
Arrest Made for Recent Weapons Violations 5-7-14
Shooting at 14th and Cleveland 5-5-14
Bank Robbery at Pinnacle Bank 5-2-14

April 2014

Officers on a Train Campaign 4-25-14
JPD Cracking Down on Impaired Drivers April 11th - April 13th 4-8-14
Lt. Matt Stewart Graduates from FBI National Academy 4-7-14

March 2014

2013 JPD Annual Report now online 3-25-14
CALEA On-site Assessment 3-24-14
Armed robbery at Family Pharmacy 3-24-14
DWI Checkpoint results 3-18-14
Name released in death investigation 3-14-14
Death Investigation 1832 W 24th apt B 3-13-14
DWI Checkpoint 3-13-14
Joplin Police Department Holds Child Safety Seat Check 3-6-14

February 2014

JPD Implements new online crime reporting system 2-13-14
Empire Electric Scam 2-6-14

January 2014

Missing 16yo Gwen Stanley Found 1-30-14
JPD Investigations is seeking assistance in locating a Missing/Endangered 16 year old female, Gwen Marie Stanley 1-27-14
Police Assistant Chief Jason Burns promoted to Police Chief
Police Chief Lane Roberts Announces Retirement Date 1-13-14
JPD K-9 teams to receive bullet proof vests 1-13-14
Dates for 42nd Annual Spring Police Academy Announced 1-13-14
1st Degree Assault on an Officer (UPDATE) 1-2-14
Public Service Announcement regarding Thefts from Vehicles 1-2-14
1st Degree Assault on an Officer 1-2-14

December 2013

DTF Warrants 12-19-13
Possible Payment Scam 12-16-13
1st Degree Robbery at Northpark Mall 12-12-13
Emergency Road Conditions Lifted 12-11-13
Chief Roberts named recipient of the 2013 Donald “Red” Loehr-Chief of the Year
Arrest Made in 1st Degree Assault at 3216 Grand 12-10-13

November 2013

Joplin Police Department to participate in Click it or Ticket Campaign 11-22-13
JACC is a Crime Free Business 11-13-13
Northstar 14 Theatre Update 11-4-13

October 2013

1st Degree Assault 3216 Grand (Update) 10-30-13
1st Degree Assault 3216 Grand 10-30-13
Early Morning Burglary Under Investigation (Update) 10-28-13
Early Morning Burglary Under Investigation 10-28-13
Narcotics Arrests Made from Car Stop 10-25-13
Barricaded Suspect at 1411 E. 17th (Update)
Barricaded Suspect at 1411 E. 17th
Charges Filed in Weekend Burglary 10-23-13
20th Street Fatality Accident 10-12-13
Arson at Planned Parenthood 10-7-13
Attempted Arson at Planned Parenthood 10-4-13
Injury Crash 12th and Range Line Rd (FINAL UPDATE) 10-3-13
Injury Crash 12th and Range Line Rd (UPDATE) 10-1-13
Injury Crash 12th and Range Line Rd. 10-1-13


September 2013

7th Street Walmart Armed Robbery 9-30-13
JPD Arrests Suspect Involved in Ex-Parte Violation/Purse Snatching 9-17-13
JPD Looking for Suspect Involved in Ex-Parte Violation/Purse Snatching 9-17-13

August 2013

Arrest Made in 1984 Homicide Case 8-30-13
Traffic Pattern Changes at 50th and South Hearnes 8-30-13
JPD Chaplain Receives Award 8-29-13
Recovered Stolen Property 8-15-13
1st Degree Assault 528 S. St. Charles 8-15-13
Bicycle Safety 8-14-13
School Zone Safety 8-14-13
Drug Arrests 8-12-13
Wall Collapse in 900 Block of Main St. 8-12-13

July 2013

DWI Checkpoint Results 7-29-13
Jukebox Felony Assault 7-26-13
DWI Checkpoint 7-25-13
Building Collapse 7-24-13
Counterfeit Currency Arrest 7-19-13
Counterfeit Currency 7-18-13
1st Degree Robbery at Subway 7-15-13
Update to June Officer Involved Shooting 7-11-13
JPD now offering accident reports through Carfax 7-11-13
Fall 2013 Citizen Police Academy 7-10-13
Vehicle Hit and Runs 7-9-13
30th Annual National Night Out 7-8-13
BB Gun Vandalism 7-8-13
Magazine Solicitors 7-5-13
Drive Sober for July 4th 7-1-13

June 2013

Missing man from assisted living found 6-26-13
Missing 89 year old male from assisted living 6-26-13
Empire Electric Impersonation 6-17-13
Names Released in Fatality Crash 6-17-13
Officer Involved Shooting UPDATE 6-16-13
1st Degree Burglary 509 N Wall 6-13-13
Child Safety Classes at Joplin Public Library 6-11-13
Arrests made in Big Johns Burglary 6-7-13
Heartland Crime Stoppers Theft Arrest 6-4-13

May 2013

Fatality Crash 3100 S Connecticut 5-30-13
Child Safety & Awareness Classes 5-24-13
Server Training for Alcohol Establishments 5-24-13
Cunningham Pool Vandalism 5-23-13
The Joplin Police Department is now on Facebook 5-22-13
Click it or Ticket 5-20-13
Webb City Search Warrant 5-14-13
One person hospitalized for a gunshot wound 5-13-13
Server Training for Alcohol Establishments 5-9-13
Suspects Charged in Assault and Robbery Case (PHOTOS) 5-2-13

April 2013

Mercy Hospital Blasting Postponed 4-29-13
Mercy Hospital Blasting 4-26-13
Automobile Theft (PHOTO) 4-24-13
Narcotics Arrest Made at Local Hotel 4-22-13
Boston Marathon Fraud Warning 4-19-13
Name Released in Motel 6 Shooting (PHOTO) 4-12-13
Precautionary School Lockdown 4-4-13

March 2013

JPD Cracking Down on Impaired Drivers 3-27-13
Media Relations 3-26-13
Suspects Charged in Shooting (Photos) 03-13-13
Officer Involved Shooting 03-13-13
Officer Involved Accident 03-08-13
Armed Robbery 703 W 7th 03-07-13

February 2013

Emergency Road Conditions Lifted 02-26-13
Emergency Road Conditions 02-26-13
Search Warrant 2501 E 8th 02-26-13
ID Theft Arrests 02-20-13
JPD Cracking Down on Impaired Drivers 02-13-13
Driver Education Program 02-08-13
Royal Heights School Incident is resolved 02-06-13
Royal Heights School Incident UPDATE 02-05-13
Royal Heights School Incident 02-05-13

January 2013

Search warrant 320 School Street 01/25/13
Search warrant at 1804 W Fountain results in 4 arrests 01/23/13
Search warrant at 1122 Roosevelt results in arrest
Spring 2013 40th Citizens Police Academy Class
Death Investigation 01/11/13
Assault 809 Pennsylvania 01/04/13

December 2012

Main Street Remains Partially Closed Due to Fire 12/18/2012
JPD Makes Arrest in Rooftop Air Conditioner Thefts 12/11/12

November 2012

Click it or Ticket Results November 11/19/12
DWI Checkpoint Results 11/19/12
Shooting 1314 E 15th St Update 11/18/12
Shooting 1314 E 15th St 11/18/12
DWI Checkpoint 11/15/12
Click it or Ticket November 2012 11/15/12
JPD Responds to Fatality Accident on 11/10/12 at 32nd and Stephens Blvd. 11/12/12
SWMO FOP, R&R Trucking and Qdoba Work Together to Help Hurricane Victims 11/07/12

October 2012

Halloween Safety Tips 10/30/12
Joplin Woman Pleads Guilty to Tornado Related Disaster Fraud 10/25/12
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Presentation 10/23/12
Suspect Charged With Threats 10/11/12
Threat Investigation 10/10/12
Attempted Robbery at US Bank 10/5/12
National Crime Prevention Month 10/5/12
Search Warrants 10/4/12
Amnesty Day 10/3/12
Driver Education Program 10/1/12
Joplin Woman Pleads Guilty to Tornado Related Disaster Fraud 10/25/12

September 2012

Class Open to Business Owners: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 9/25/12
Class Open to Public: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 9/25/12
Youth Alcohol Compliance Check Results 9/16/12
Child Restraint Violations Crack Down 9/16/12
Missing Person 9/13/12
"Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" Enforcement a Success 9/4/12
September Driver Education Focuses on Center Lane Usage 9/4/12

August 2012

First Certified Crime Free Multi-Housing Property 08/29/12
Arrest of Andre L. Brown 08/21/12
Suspect Charged in Jukebox Shooting 08/20/12
Jukebox Shooting 08/19/12
Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over 08/17/12
School Zones 08/13/12
Forensic Drawing of Suspect 08/10/12
Hartman Murder Arrest 08/07/12
Preliminary Autopsy Results 08/03/12
Death in City Jail 08/02/12

July 2012

National Night Out 07/31/12
Crime Prevention Tip for July 07/25/12
Two Joplin Women Charged in Child Endangerment Case 07/24/12
Police Pursuit 07/23/12
Weekend Shooting Charges Filed 07/16/12
Fall 2012 39th Citizens Police Academy
Weekend Shooting 07/15/12
Homicide Update 07/10/12
Death Investigation Ruled Homicide 07/09/12
Joplin Police Release Name 07/06/12
Joplin Police Currently Conducting Death Investigation 07/06/12
Police Department Targets Tailgating 07/02/12

June 2012

1651 W. 7th St Robbery 06/27/12
Crime Prevention Tip for June 06/25/12
3611 N. St. Louis 06/22/12
Death Investigation Ruled Suicide 06/21/12
Death Investigation 06/21/12
Suspect Charged in Recent Bank Robbery 06/20/12
Joplin Police Department Hosts DWI Checkpoint 06/18/12
JPD Crime Free Multi-Housing Program 06/15/12
JPD Cracking Down on Impaired Drivers 06/14/12
Gunshot Victim Update 06/12/12
Gunshot Victim 06/12/12

May 2012

Infant Death Investigation 05/25/12