Our Mission

The Medical Services Division of the Joplin City Health Department provides health program activities to the residents of the City of Joplin in order to promote and protect healthy people in our community. It is our responsibility as a public workforce to safeguard the public, prevent and control communicable diseases, and reduce the burden of chronic diseases.

Our Vision

The Health Department, as a whole, can spot new and reemerging diseases, locate populations of interest or populations at risk through surveillance and outreach, and then deliver quality products and services to meet community needs and expectations.

Who We Serve

HIV testing / counseling is provided to Joplin residents and other services are provided to residents of Joplin with the following exceptions:
  • Childhood immunizations are provided to area residents who live in the city limits of Joplin or residents who live in the Joplin R-VIII School District or students of private / parochial schools located within the city limits of Joplin.
  • Vital records, such as birth and death certificates, are provided to individuals who were born and are living in the State of Missouri and to out of state residents who were born in Missouri and who provide proper paper work requesting one.