Court Process

When You Are Charged

A person alleged to have committed a violation of City ordinance receives a citation or complaint which is filed with the Court by either an authorized law enforcement officer or the City Prosecutor.

Persons charged are typically referred to by the Court as the “accused” or the “defendant”. All defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by the Prosecution.

Generally, defendants must answer to the charges filed by either acknowledging guilt and paying the citation in full, including any applicable fines, costs, and fees via mail or online OR in person or by personally appearing at the Court within the timeframe allotted. Acceptable payment: check, cashier's check, credit card, or cash. Some violations require a court appearance. To verify, you can check the back of your ticket or view the online list.

Failure to pay any citation or complaint or failure to appear by the designated court date may result in an order from the Court seeking the defendant’s arrest on a warrant. It may also result in the suspension of driving privileges for the accused with the State of Missouri and/or their home state if not a resident of Missouri.

Defendants who have warrants for failure to appear in Court have the right to post bond or bail to seek recall of the warrant and receive a new court date.

Mandatory Court Appearance Offenses

  • Any alcohol-related offense
  • Driving while revoked or suspended
  • Any violation resulting in an accident
  • Insurance (proof of financial responsibility)
  • Operator's license violations
  • Any violation not listed on the online list

Sentences May Be Satisfied By

  • Paying the fine in full
  • Performing community service at minimum wage, or
  • Serving time in jail at the rate of $25.00 credit for each day served