Housing Revitalization Fund Application


The City of Joplin has created a Housing Revitalization Fund with initial funding of $1.0M to address declining and vacant buildings with new homes. Applications will be accepted after April 1st

A maximum of 5 applications will be approved for funding during the first round of applicants. Applications can be printed off and sent in with any relevant or corresponding information. Step by step information regarding this process can be found below.

Contact us:

Tony Robyn

Project Manager/Asst. City Manager


Phone: 417-624-0820 

ext: 1203

Johan Bullington

Project Manager/Finance


Phone: 417-624-0820

ext: 1571

Blue Apt
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application and related documents

MurphysburgApplication Process:

The following provides a detailed walkthrough of applying, for additional or pre-application information, please contact Larry Eller.

    1. Download an application from this webpage.

    2. Applicants fill out form and drop it off at City Hall on the third floor to Larry Eller or Johan Bullington.


William Picher

    3. Applications will be evaluated and a select group of applicants may then be asked to present their project to a review panel at City Hall. Please make sure to bring any relevant information or documentation.

4. Presentations will be evaluated and incentives may then be awarded to the top applicants.